Sudlersville Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in renting a storage unit at Sudlersville Storage? Read through our FAQ's to get a better understanding of our rental process. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions. 

Are locks provided or sold on site?

Yes, when renting a unit, all tenants are required to purchase a $10 lock from us. 

How do I pay my bill online? 

On the home page of our site, click "Make A Payment/Login" on the top right-hand corner. Once logged in, you are able to pay for that months rent. 

Can I rent short-term? 

Yes, Sudlersville Storage rents units month-to-month. 

What is the moving out process? 

Tenants are required to let management know they are moving out 10 days in advance to their move out. When moving out, all tenants are required to empty and sweep their unit. Once unit is empty, management will inspect unit and give back the security deposit if unit is in a good condition. 

Is there a security deposit? 

Yes, a security deposit is required during renting a unit. The cost is one month of rent for the unit. 

When I rent a unit online, how quickly can I access my unit? 

Once you have chosen a unit and made a payment, you are able to access your unit immediately. We will place the paid for lock in your unit so that you are able to close and lock your unit. 

Can I access my storage unit at any time? 

Yes! Tenants have 24 hour, 365 day access to their units.